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WooCommerce Website for Red Hen School Meals

Naz and Andy of Red Hen Cookery recently asked me to redesign their school meals WordPress/WooCommerce website. The existing site had been built without a child theme in place, so they were unable to update the theme without it breaking the website. The theme the website was using was also dated and slow.

As well as the aesthetics side, their customers were struggling to use the website as the user experience was poor, and it was incredibly difficult to use from a mobile device.

I developed a new website for Naz and Andy, with a fresh and clean design. The WordPress framework was utilised so that they can keep the content fresh and up to date, and WooCommerce was integrated for online ordering. The transition was seamless, and both Naz and Andy – and their customers – are delighted with the new website, which is now a pleasure to use and manage.

We both wanted to get in touch to tell you how grateful we are for everything you've done to help us and Red Hen over the last few months. When 100% of our business comes from online, it's incredibly stressful and literally causes sleepless nights when things don't work properly. We honestly can't tell you what it means to know that you've got our back when things go wrong, in fact not only that but the fact that you're actively looking for ways to make the user experience better even if things are working fine.

Website redesign preview:

WooCommerce Food Ordering Website Design for Red Hen School Meals