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WordPress Maintenance

You have your perfect website – but that’s not where our relationship has to end.

I offer different levels of care packages to look after your site, keeping it safe and updated. It’s like having your own in-house WordPress expert on the team, without the overheads or big salary.

Website built elsewhere? Don't worry, I can offer a care plan for your website too! If the worst has happened and your site is broken or has been hacked, I can first provide a development service to fix your website and get you back online quickly, with systems in place to prevent it from happening again. Please contact me for costs and availability for this service.

My care plans will help you to:

Increase Traffic & Conversions

A fast, secure and reliable website will boost trust with search-engines such as Google, and with your customers. Packages include premium hosting on servers based right here in the UK, with SSL certificates and daily backups included.

Save Money

Broken or hacked websites can be expensive to fix and can really damage your brand. Your website will have 24/7 security and uptime monitoring, and if there are any plugin conflicts following updates, they'll be fixed there and then or rolled back, keeping your website online and running smoothly.

Save Time

Reading through changelogs and keeping on top of backups and the latest security threats can be time-consuming. It's my job to know what to update, how, and when, with robust backups in place if needed.

What's included?

Weekly updates

Regular core framework, plugin, and theme will keep your website running smoothly and reduce the risk of hacking.

24/7 security

Regular core framework, plugin, and theme will keep your website running smoothly and reduce the risk of hacking.

Managed hosting

Although I can work with your existing WP hosting if you prefer, premium WordPress Hosting is included, enabling me to offer you a greater level of support.

Daily backups

Daily cloud backups will be taken and stored securely in two separate locations, enabling a full or partial restore if ever required.

Weekly health checks

Your website pages, forms, and processes will be checked at least once each week to ensure your website is running as smoothly as possible.

Uptime monitoring

I will ensure your website stays online and is accessible to your website visitors, with multiple monitors and checks in place.

Emergency support

If something happens, I'll handle it quickly. With monitoring in place, I'll already be aware and on the case before you - or your customers - even notice anything is wrong.

Speed tweaks

Hosted on a LiteSpeed server and with the right tweaks in place, a faster website will help greatly with user experience and search-engine rankings.

Regular reporting

With weekly/monthly reports outlining the tasks carried out, you'll know your website is being cared for and you can keep an eye on things.

Premium plugins

Packages include premium plugins for backups, speed, security, and more, saving you hundreds of pounds in license fees each year.

Bugfixing & support

Each plan includes an allocation of time each month for updates, bugfixing, troubleshooting, and support.

Discounted development

Need more support time for updates and content changes? All plans include a discount off additional development work.

Choose your care plan package

Maintenance Care Plan

No setup fee
£ 47 Monthly
  • Weekly core, theme, & plugin updates
  • Emergency support
  • Monthly reports
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • 20 mins support time p/m for update related bugfixing
  • Premium WordPress hosting with SSL certificate included
  • Daily cloud backups with a free website restore service
  • iThemes Security Pro plugin license (worth £60 p/a)
  • BackupBuddy Pro plugin license (worth £80 p/a)
  • Gravity Forms license (worth £59 p/a)
  • Astra Pro license (worth £59 p/a)
  • 15% off any future development work

Perform & Protect Care Plan

No setup fee
£ 67 Monthly
  • Everything in Maintenance Care Plan plus:
  • Priority support
  • Weekly reporting
  • Weekly site audit
  • 40 mins support time p/m for update related bugfixing
  • Speed tweaks and optimisations
  • Enhanced weekly website health checks
  • Maintenance Care Plan licenses (worth £258 p/a), plus:
  • Elementor Pro (worth £49 p/a)
  • Font Awesome Pro license (worth £99 p/a)
  • Asset CleanUp Pro license (worth £49 p/a)
  • 20% off any future development work


Your website will be hosted on a secure high-tech server, in a datacentre right here in the UK. The power supplied to the datacentre is 100% renewable/clean energy.

I don’t host email on my server because it is best practice to keep website and email hosting in separate environments. I can however help you to get set up with Zoho Mail, who offer free and premium email hosting.

Included support time is either 20 or 40 minutes per month, depending on the chosen package. This support time will be used for any update related bugfixing, with a fix where possible, or a rollback of any plugins/themes affected by updates.

Content updates aren't included in the packages above, however I do offer addons to both packages for additional support time with a discounted hourly rate. I can also provide an ad-hoc content update service if you only require changes every so often. This is billed by the minute, so you'll only pay for the time used for each task.

I offer a discounted rate for regular monthly support hours as follows:

1-2 hours each month @ £64 p/h
3-5 hours each month @ £54 p/h
6-9 hours each month @ £48 p/h
10+ hours each month @ £40 p/h

So for example, a booking of 3 hours per month would cost £162 on a rolling monthly basis.

If any unused minutes/hours remain at the end of a given month, they will be rolled over, up to a maximum of 5 hours at any one time.

I don't charge any initial set up fees, but this process does take up quite a lot of time. I therefore ask for a minimum commitment of 6 months for either care plan. After this point, you can cancel at any time with 90 days notice - although I'm sure you'll be thrilled with my service and won't want to 😊

Once you have ordered your chosen package, you'll be sent a link to set up a monthly direct debit.

Great to hear - I'm looking forward to working with you ☺️ Click on either of the package buttons above, or complete the form below and I'll be in touch to start the set-up process for you pronto!

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